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Sue is a dynamic and unique guest speaker at corporate functions, conferences, and seminars, talking on topics concerned with empowering and inspiring people in the workplace and harnessing the power of the mind and the body concurrently. Sue is a leading- and cutting-edge physiotherapist and mindfulness coach. As a lifetime student of the body, neuroscience and human behavior, she has developed a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional concept of wellbeing.


Examples of the scope of Sue's Professional, Cultural, and Multinational Experience:

  • The On-line Veterinary Summit (2019)

  • The International Enneagram Conference (2018)

  • The International APAC Coaching Conference (2006 & 2011)

  • The International Neurosurgical Conference (2005)

Company events, dinners and team building events for, among others:

Core Group, Multichoice, Halls Group, Old Mutual, BOE, Pfizer and Metal among others.

The Energy Incubator

The Energy Incubator is Sue's corporate wellness company and is based on a multi-dimensional concept of wellbeing. Through tried and tested scientific methods, we approach wellbeing holistically.

We help individuals, teams, and executives raise their awareness, increase energy levels, manage a healthy work-life balance, increase engagement and heighten productivity and creativity.


The Energy Incubator provides the following products & services:

  • High-Impact Coaching

  • Energetic & Inspiring Keynote Talks

  • Interactive & Experiential Workshops


Our coaching, keynote talks, and workshops create engaged and energetic individuals and teams, fostering healthy, upbeat, and inspiring work environments.

Image by Tim Chow

Body Brilliance

Body Brilliance is Sue's physiotherapy practice. A well-established and successful business, it is at the forefront of treating individuals, athletes, and executives with leading- and cutting-edge therapies. 

Body Brilliance helps individuals, teams, and executives alleviate pain, foster mindfulness, reengage energy flow, foster healthy posture, increase resilience and maintain balance.


Body Brilliance provides the following products & services:

  • Cutting-edge physiotherapy treatments

  • Mindfulness workshops

  • Fitness classes, courses, and workshops


Specialized treatments help individuals heal from trauma, injuries, and damage and workshops provide further strategies to empower individuals to live with increased energy, less stress, and greater enjoyment.

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