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Live Without Fear

Imagine your organization if everyone is free from the tripping up and slowing down caused by undiagnosed, unconscious and undetected fears. Imagine how much more productive each person in your team would be if they weren’t spending chunks of their energy avoiding the things, they feared for all they were worth.

This is the route to resilience, freedom, and productivity. At this crazy time in the world, fear is more obvious than normal and we have a license to talk about it at last!

Fear is integral to being human. We all suffer from fear and its effects on our lives, bodies, and health. Awareness is the only way out, that I’ve ever found. Awareness enables us to see our fears, recognize them and to understand the behaviors they cause. This empowers us to break free from their hold on us. The critical factor is not to be the victim of our fears, but rather to be the victor. This means, not to allowing ourselves to be imprisoned by our fears, but rather to break free and feel alive because we have taken our power back.

We do this by taking small actions, baby steps which we feel we can cope with and doing that deliberately. If we just go against our fear recklessly, we may harm ourselves. I recommend the mantra: “act, stop, check”. This means, take a small, safe action that feels possible and assesses the outcome. If it worked, take another similar step, if it didn’t, tweak the action.

“The Universe applauds actions not thoughts” and until we have taken some action, we won’t have any feedback. Thinking doesn’t help, acting does.

So, today, amid the chaos of the world at present, what action are you going to take? What action will help you to confront your fear instead of avoiding it? Take that action and assess the results, how does it feel?

Maybe you will be brave enough to share the fear you face and the action you are taking.

I’ll start…. I fear to say something that is not 1000% factually correct and so often keep my opinion to myself, in case I make a mistake. The actions I am taking is to do my research and then speak up about subjects in my field of expertise, maybe I can help people, even if there is a fact or two that isn’t quite perfect, my opinion is informed and it is for speaking. It's not risk-free, but it's worth the risk!

What actions are you taking starting from today, inspired by this opportunity offered by COVID-19

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