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Stepping Up, Stepping In!


We all want different things in our lives. Some want to live in a cottage at the beach and some in a penthouse in the city. Some want to travel and see the world and some love their garden and their home and dogs and really don’t want to go anywhere. And this is perfect. It means there is less of a queue at the beach and less traffic in the city.

Have you really thought about what you want and designed your vision for yourself? Or have you just fallen into your life and responded to what came your way? If you have just responded to what life delivered to you, it may well be that you are living what is the perfect life for you, but if you aren’t, then you may want to think about what you really want and desire. It's not to say that we can just manifest exactly what we want in a heartbeat. That idea is an oversimplification and has already led to many disappointments and much frustration. But if we haven’t a clue where we are headed or what our desired goal points are, we will never be able to move forward effectively.

In my life, I dreamed of having gallons of energy, glowing health, laughter, joy and adventure as well as learning, discovery and connection with great people around the globe. I wanted to travel and understand different cultures and be able to work with people from all around the world. I wanted to have the opportunity to impact people with my ideas and discoveries and be impacted by as many people from as many different places as possible. I knew that to get this happening, I needed to push the boundaries and test the limits. I knew I would have to get uncomfortable and stretch myself. I recognized that this scared me in many ways. Thrilled and scared me! I decided to start with eliminating all the obstacles that stood in my way.

I found my own inner fears were a massive factor and I knew I had to confront them one by one. Slowly and surely I recognized nothing stood in the way anymore and that was even more scary! Nothing to blame, no excuses. I had to step and step and step again. Nothing was in the pathway at all. This post is about the fear factor that was in reality the only thing that ever could have been a limiting obstacle.

It's easier to be a serial adventurer, having your imagination captured by all sorts of exciting possibilities in the world than it is to confront hidden fears like:

What if I’m not enough?

What if they judge me and find me wanting?

What if they see my weak and uncertain parts?

What if I’m not included and I don’t fit in?

What if I harm someone else? Cause real harm?

I could go on, but these are some of the hidden fears I found in my way as I tried to step forward. I have climbed an ice wall in the Himalayas in the dead of Winter and ridden across a desert in the middle of Africa among countless other fun and exciting things. But these are easy compared with being vulnerable and exposed, or saying “no” when I feel someone wants me to say “yes”.

I’m inviting you to notice your hidden fears, write them down if you can and acknowledge their existence and effect on your life and behaviour. If you need help, this is what I specialize in, call and set up a session with me and we can investigate together.

Imagine your organization if everyone is free from the tripping up caused by these undiagnosed and undetected fears. Imagine how much more productive each person in your team would be when they are not spending chunks of their energy avoiding the things, they fear for all they are worth. This is the route to resilience, freedom and productivity.

Fear is integral to being human. We all suffer from fear and it's effects on our lives, bodies and health. Awareness is the way out that works. Being able to see our fears and recognize them and the behaviours they cause empowers us to break free from them. The critical factor is not to be the victim of our own fears, but rather to be the victor. Not to allow ourselves to be imprisoned by our fears, but rather to break free and feel alive, because we have taken our power back.

I wish you fearless freedom,

Sue and the Energy Incubator Team

A powerful keynote on “Resilience through Overcoming the Fear Factor” is one of our corporate offerings. This talk brings everyone’s attention to this within themselves and this situation as it exists for them in their lives. It supplies tools which to help listeners to start the work of overcoming the habits and behaviours these hidden fears produce. Call now to book Sue to deliver this keynote for you and your organisation

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